Welcome to the TR Store (Teqrepair Store)

Buy with confidence at the best prices

Our aim is to offer the right products and solutions for all.  TRStore’s aim is that you can buy with confidence at the best prices.

We cater for all types of businesses, whether you are an individual or business.  

The Teqrepair Store guarantee is our pre and after care service will ensure you are not left wanting.  Not only that we are a bricks and mortar company, who are always at hand (with in working hours of course), to assist you in getting the best products and advice, what ever your need.  Keep in mind we at Teqrepair can assist you in a technical capacity setting up and configuring your purchase, should you have any problems.

The Environment

At Teqrepair and the TRStore we are committed in taking an environmental and social responsible approach, whether in our existing or future activities. 

Under our environmental policy (and as far as practically possible), we will:

  • Minimise disturbance to the local and global environment and to local communities and wildlife
  • Take a responsible approach to packaging, transport/carriage, and disposal of waste
  • Minimise use of energy and raw materials and adhere to principles of sustainability
  • Consider the environment in the design of products, packaging and processes and the maintenance of equipment.
  • Provide information on the use and final disposal of products and packaging
  • Ensure that all employees and suppliers are adequately informed about TR Stores environmental policy

Our environmental policy will be flexible, adapting to new technologies and changing environmental conditions.

Our environmental objectives will be reviewed on an annual basis, in order to aid continual approvement.

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