Welcome to the Teqrepair Store

The Teqrepair Store?

The Teqrepair Store is a part of Teqrepair, our aim is to sell and buy refurbished laptops both to consumers and business.


We only offer after careful vetting the best refurbed laptops, desktop, mobiles, tablet and much more.


The Teqrepair Store guarantee is our pre and after care service will ensure you are not left wanting.  Not only that we are a bricks and mortar company, who are always at hand (with in working hours of course), to assist you in getting the best products and advice, what ever your need.  Keep in mind we at Teqrepair can assist you in a technical capacity setting up and configuring your purchase, should you have any problems.

The Teqrepair Store?

We are not just an online company and we are proud to say we are UK business, based in London:


Lombard business Park
Unit 19, 8 Lombard Raod
SW19 3TZ

Why The Teqrepair Store?

We have built up an awesome reputation for providing honest, clear, on point and transparent processes and service, get in touch via phone or email.

Our aim is to make your purchases as easy and relevant to you as possible, by making sure we have the right products to offer at the best prices.  Whether you are a B2C or B2B customer we will get the right kit to fit your requirements, so get in touch and let us be ‘Awesome’.

Call us on: 0208 0900 686 or email us: enquiries@teqrepair.com

Discover Martfury’s Journey

January 2015
Teqrepair, Gets launched as repair, maintenance service to consumers and businesses by Nadeem Abbas and Hurabbas Dar in the United Kingdom.
Auguust 2015
Starts managing and on-boarding business Kingsbridge
May 2016
New businesses using Teqrepair, Blueprint Dental
February 2017
Starts selling Refurbed Laptops and Desktop
September 2018
Teqrepair hardware sales growth running at 30%
March 2019
Naos UK onbaorded, how awsome

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