Frequently Asked Questions


What does "refurbished" mean?

We take working machines from the initial user and refurbish/remarket/rejuvenate them, they are cleaned inside and out ready for use!

Does "refurbished" mean that the units were broken?

NO!! The refurbished products on offer are taken from an office desk (with permission of course!) in working condition.

Why Buy Refurbished?

SAVINGS!! - The build quality of our corporate refurbished units are exceptional and with our superb quality control, whether your are a business, school or home user you are getting unbelievable high quality laptops or desktop computers at 'Rock Bottom Prices'


Certificate of Authenticity (COA)

All of our laptops and desktop computers come with a genuine Microsoft COA sticker attached. The COA will be for the original operating system that the laptop or desktop computers shipped with. Unless otherwise stated or requested no operating system will be installed on the laptops or desktops computers. We do not supply any with these machines.


What is Installed?

Where an operating system is installed this will be stated on the item, where no mention of an operating system is made, one will not be installedPC/Laptops will not be pre-loaded with Office applications such as Word/Excel.Please note you will have to activate your copy of Windows when you receive your laptop/PC your Windows COA will be on the casing (sometimes under the battery with laptops)

Do I get a keyboard & mouse with my desktop?

Our refurbished desktops are supplied with power cables (unless otherwise stated) only, however brand new desktops will include mouse and keyboard (this will be stated in the product specifications).

What warranty is included?

As standard on almost all products we provide a 12 month warranty, as well as the remainder of the manufacturer's warranty where available, unless stated otherwise in the descriptionBattery life?Batteries are tested and confirmed as accepting a charge, we cannot guarantee the battery life of supplied batteries.


We are Awesome

Not only do we provide amazing value on all our products but you can be happy in the knowledge that we are actively pursuing a greener approach to the IT supply chain; in fact by buying from Teqrepair you are reducing your carbon footprint when compared to buying new kit

You sell both new and refurbished?

Yes, all of our new kit is manufacturer sealed (i.e. never been opened) as you would expect to receive from another other online retailer - all of our graded products are clearly marked as such.

Our refurbished products?

"We source some our products from large corporate businesses and "refurbish" them which essentially means they are completely wiped of any data, then health checked, cleaned, checked again and graded depending on the wear and tear. For more details see our refurbished page.Some products are returns from large retail chains or even the manufacturer which again have been through our stringent checks before shipping.
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