• Hama 3-Way Distributor for Cigarette Lighter Socket, 12 V, silver

    Having busy lives, leaves very little time to refresh and recharge multi-media products on the move.This very practical and functional product eliminates unnecessary problems of losing power on devices such as mobile phones, satellite navigational systems and music players.

    Travelling long distances along with high media usage can often cause power drains to a number of products and having to prioritise which product to charge first can be inconvenient.This compact cable adaptor will fit straight into your cigarette lighter and provide you with additional spaces to recharge devices, giving you a total of 3 spaces to ensure you can easily charge and use all of your media devices accordingly.

    This product is ideal for those always on the go, business and personal use alike. It has a great multi-functional use which conveniently merges with today’s hectic lifestyle and high multimedia usage.This 3 way distributor comes in the fashionable colour of silver, providing not only an attractive addition to your in car needs, but also guaranteeing a high quality product based upon your needs and requirements with practicality of multimedia usage.

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